Emma Jones

Emma is a Gaeilge and Ethical Ed teacher in Belmayne ETSS. She completed a Bachelor of Arts Joint Honours in Irish and Human Development in DCU before moving on to completing her Professional Masters of Education. Emma has been a keen admirer of the Irish language from a very young age, and spent 8 summers in the Gaeltacht since she was 11. She is looking forward to hopefully spreading that same love for Gaeilge amongst the students. Emma thoroughly enjoys fostering creativity in her subject through the use of the iPads and interactive whiteboards, which was her final year dissertation topic. She is also a massive advocate for student mental health and wellbeing and is looking forward to getting involved with the School Amber Committee. 

Emma loves drama & acting and has taken part in many productions with DCU Drama where she has directed, produced, and starred in an array of plays such as the stage adaptation of Louise O’Neill’s gripping book ‘Asking For It’.  She has also directed a play which was staged in the Smock Alley Theatre. She hopes to  use these skills to regularly help and participate with the school musical. Overall, Emma is very excited to be a member of staff here at Belmayne ETSS.