1st Year Reward Trip- Carlingford by Igor

On Thursday the 16th of May the first years took a bus to go to Carlingford adventure centre.They got divided into three groups and each group did a different activity. Group A did laser tag,group B did kayaking and group C did the aerial adventure. After lunch group A and B switched activities and group C did rock climbing.

Before dinner the 1st years got to see their dorms and after dinner they went on a blindfold walk,where they had to face obstacles to get to the end. 

The next morning group C did kayaking while the other two groups did either rock climbing or the aerial adventure.

They then headed back to the centre and the first bus left at 5 while the second group left at 5:30.The first group arrived at 6:30 while the second group arrived at around 7.

A lot of fun was had by all and big thanks to Jane,Emma,Shane,Connor and Stephen for taking them on the trip and to Ashling,Andrew and Ian for organising and planning the trip.