Claire O’Brien

Claire is a Spanish and Business teacher with a B.A Business Studies International (hons) from DCU. In her third year of studies, Claire took part in the Erasmus Exchange Programme, where she spent the year studying, working and enjoying su vida in Valencia, Spain. Having returned to DCU for her final year, Claire majored in Human Resources.

Shortly after finishing her time at DCU, Claire pursued her interest in Business and began working in Human Resources in Accenture for the following two years.  This period was important for Claire, as it reaffirmed her desire to become a teacher.

Claire has since completed her Masters with Hibernia College and she currently teaches Spanish, Business and P.E. She is a keen advocate for Student Wellbeing, the topic of her final year dissertation. Claire is passionate about her subjects and hopes to instill this passion in her students. Active Learning is her preferred teaching methodology, as she believes in students taking control of their own learning and understanding.

A big fan of sports, Claire plays basketball for her club Tolka Rovers. She acts as the Ladies Secretary of the club and is very passionate about promoting girls participation within the club and in all sport. When not playing, Claire can be found refereeing or coaching games, or posting about the games on the club’s social media. Outside of basketball, Claire enjoys going to the gym, sea swimming and cooking.