Conor Glynn

Conor is a PE, Science and Biology teacher and is a graduate of Dublin City University (DCU) having completed the Bachelor of Education (Hons) in PE with Biology. 

Originally from Waterford, Conor has played a huge variety of sports, including rugby, tennis, ultimate frisbee, soccer, hurling, badminton, and weightlifting to name a few! He has a passion for helping students create lifelong active lifestyles, and hopes to instill this in the students of Belmayne ETSS, encouraging them to develop an interest in being active and enjoy the benefits that come with being active, both physical and mental. 

Conor believes in students having an active role in the learning process, and creating an environment where students feel comfortable engaging with classroom discussions and challenging themselves to the best of their abilities. In his free time, Conor could be found walking on beaches or watching sports on the television.