Covid Response

Please click on the links below to view our COVID-19 documentation so far. More information will be uploaded as we receive it and amendments made if the advice from the Department of Education changes.

We are living through exceptional times and this impacts the well being of everyone in different ways, at different times. People have an inbuilt capacity to adapt. This is at the heart of resilience. Most people are weathering this storm and will emerge stronger and with new skills.

Return to Sport Guidelines (Updated April 2021)

Clarification on the use of face coverings in Post Primary Schools

Covid-19 Response Plan (Updated August 2021)

Summary of Covid-19 Response Plan for Parents (Updated August 2021)

Student Checklist

Parent Checklist (Updated August 2021)

Staff Checklist (Updated August 2021)

Virtual School Tour

Post Primary Posters

The Department of Education and Skills’ NEPS psychologists have developed the following advice and resources for parents, students and school staff as they return to school following school closure due to Covid-19, see NEPS advice & resources during Covid-19

For further information and all the latest advice from the Government on Reopening our Post Primary Schools please click here (Updated August 2021)