Acoustic Picnic – Part 2

The whole school had been waiting patiently for the 18th of November as it marked the second Acoustic Picnic. You could feel the excitement that beckoned around the school as the first Acoustic Picnic had left the audience in awe of the talent within Belmayne ETSS. 

This concert did not disappoint and certainly brightened up the month of November. 

The concert featured nine talented performers with compelling acts ranging from poetry to rock and roll, giving everyone something to enjoy. The event kicked off with Miguel and Tammy (both returning acts) performing ‘Hey Soul Sister’. Tammy’s elegant voice was pitch perfect accompanied by Miguel’s precise piano playing which perfectly complemented the song. They certainly started the concert on a high as the crowd were already loving it. Next up was Kaelan with the first Earth Day poem of the concert, written by himself! He recited the poem confidently whilst spreading the message of Earth Day and allowing the crowd to reflect on the true value of our planet. Kaelan was followed by Vinayak who performed Mozart’s ‘Sonata in G major’, once again showing his brilliance on the piano and how to truly master an instrument. Next up was Jack who performed ‘Nothing Else Matters’ by Metallica. He performed with class and made a tricky song look easy. Tara was up next, reciting the second poem of the event. She spoke with pride and spread an important message that we all needed to hear. Next was Yeira who performed ‘Believer’ by the Imagine Dragons on the piano. Every note was perfect and had the audience bobbing their heads along to this catchy song. Matt then performed ‘Shallow’ from A Star is Born- it sounded brilliant, with his strong guitar playing and great voice he really perfected his performance. The concert was coming to an end, the distant sound of the school bell was looming in the air, however there was one more act. Matt, Vinayak and Nayan ended the concert with their rendition of ‘Stairway to Heaven’ by Led Zeppelin. They were all in harmony and even gave Led Zeppelin a run for their money!
This rounded off another successful Acoustic Picnic, with students raring for the Winter showcase on 16th December which is most certainly going to amaze the school once again with the talent that oozes from Belmayne ETSS. – Jack Winkless