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Model United Nations 2022 takes place

Last week Belmayne ETSS took part in the Model U.N organised by Wicklow ETSS. First year
students took part in it to represent Germany, Brazil and Palestine and 6 committees and
debated topics from cyber warfare, space security, nuclear power and climate change,
learning a lot with others’ perspectives.

3 training sessions were held, and after a lot of research and hard work the final meeting
happened and the students splendidly and respectfully shared their thoughts and ideas as
delegates from different countries.

1st Year Boys bring home the shield

Today our First year boys football team played in the league final at Trinity Gaels grounds. They won by 4 points in the end emerging triumphant against an excellent Sandymount Park side.

This is the first  sports final our school has attended. The team played 3 games and won all of them to get here.

‘Defenders win games, forwards decide by how much’ Paul (coach)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Today on the 16th of March, the whole school community celebrated St Patrick’s day by dressing up in bright green colours and performing the céile, a dance they all learned for this occasion.

It was super enjoyable seeing everyone participating in the events and having the parents council come in to treat everyone with donuts. It was a great day celebrated right before the students got an extra long weekend.

Free Donuts!!!

Parent Council offered to give out free donuts to the students of Belmayne ETSS to finish off a hectic week of school. ”Somebody say free donuts?” , but not for everyone. Only the school students. But hey, donuts sound delicious and people did have things to say about them. And yet, it possibly won’t beat pizza day 🍕. Just don’t go donuts!

The student’s had lots to say about how tasty and delicious the donuts were, so everyone ended up eating them all and left nothing. And left the students filled with their packed lunch and a tasty treat to finish off school with a great ending.

CGE Beach Clean

Our Global Citizen Education committee has organised a beach clean on the 17th of May. This is part of their work on the SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals) . This year they chose to focus on life below water. 109 student have agreed to help clean a local beach.

Boy’s football league run ends

Last Monday Belmayne ETSS played a league match in the last 16 with unfortunate results.

Belmayne ETSS boys football team lost 5-1 in its most recent match, while not the result that some were hoping for, we can assure you that 100% was given by all players who participated in the match.

Shout out to Jack Winkless for scoring the Penalty and overall outstanding performance. Some complaints about foul play but through the whole match the boys did not show a glimmer of surrender. With this enthusiasm we are sure that the boys will do phenomenally in future league games.

Whole school Scifest

On Monday students from all years participated in Sci fest, showcasing their projects to judges. This year the theme was sports science. The students had to conduct an experiment for their project and put the results and research onto their poster. Emma the main organiser of sci fest said…”All of the projects were brilliant and showed such a great understanding of the scientific method.” The judges commended all groups on their enthusiasm for their chosen topics and creative posters and presentations ”All winning projects have been entered into Scifest@College and will compete against projects by students from schools all around Dublin”. 

2nd Year Boys Basketball record fantastic win

The second year boys basketball team recorded an emphatic win against Clougher Community college from Crumlin. The boys and coach were confidant as they had a lot of their squad back following injury and covid lay-offs but they couldn’t have predicted how the match would turn out.

A resounding 30-17 victory was the final result due to star performances from many including Dane who scored 18 points, and Vinayak who could miss with a succession of tricky 2 point shots. It’s on to the next opponent for the lads.

Boys GAA miss out

Well done to our GAA team who lost to an excellent Colaiste Ghlor na Mara team in Balbriggan today. Super work to keep fighting to the end and congratulations to Dylan, Josh, Harry and Kale for registering scores for Belmayne ETSS. – Daniel

New Canopies for yard

Today, Tuesday 1 of March 2022, new shelters were built in the school for students to sit out
and eat their lunch without worrying about weather. The canopies are great, protection from the rain and wind and maybe even the possibility of more outdoor classes as the weather grows better. – Sophie Timmins

Pizza Lunch

Many thanks from the entire school community to the parents council for coming in on Monday and providing us with a hot lunch – PIZZA!!

Many students commented how kind it was of the parents council and it was clear that everyone really appreciated the gesture

Think b4 u click

This CSPE class, on Monday 7/2/22, to mark World Safer internet Day 2022, students learned about the dangers of the Internet and how to stay safe online. This is a very important topic, it is necessary to educate young people on how to safely access sites for school work and spare time.

They students also learned a bit about their own internet habits and their digital wellbeing every day during our tutor time activities.  – Morgana

Girls Basketball Victories

On the 7th of February the Belmaynes 2nd girls basketball team comprehensively beat Ardscoil La Salle by 30 points. The score was a whopping 38-8 to Belmayne ETSS. The 1st girls basketball team also came home victorious as they won by 7 points the score was 15-6. 

Well done to the two teams who did an amazing job for their 3rd game this year.

Football win for the 2nd years

This week on the 7 of February, Belmayne ETSS’s very own 2nd year football team played against The Donahies. And they exceeded all of our expectations with a phenomenal 3-1 victory. 

At the Clongriffin Astro pitch, Belmayne won its first league match with goals by Josh and Harry and an overall phenomenal job by the team, and even though they conceded 1 goal – a great job to the main goal keeper Matt.

Let’s hope this win won’t be the last, and that we go on to achieve bigger leads against bigger teams and in bigger leagues. – Report by Ousmane

Thursday Chess Tournament – Part 2

Week Two of the Belmayne Breaktime Chess Tournament kicked off and it did not
The first game was Miguel vs Victor and it was an intense game to say the least, both
players constantly putting each other in check. Miguel played the one chess move that
Netflix lovers know so well, that’s right he played The Queen’s Gambit. This magnificent
move gave Miguel The Crown (another one for the Netflix lovers).
Meanwhile, on the other side of the room, a match between Páidí and Rowan had just gotten
underway. Páidí worked hard for this as Rowan tried to keep him at bay but sadly for Rowan
it came to a close when Páidí locked him in a checkmate!
Whilst all this drama was unfolding, a game was also in play between Nine and Morgana.
Nine kicked off the game with a Pawn to E4 move, otherwise known as The King’s Pawn
Strategy. This is the second most popular move, just behind The Queen’s Pawn Strategy.
However, there was no winner as the bell rang, rematch perhaps?

That’s all for this week’s Belmayne Breaktime Chess Tournament. Come back next Thursday
for more of the tournament.

~ Finn
“A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kickboxing” – Emo Philips

School-wide Chess Tournament – Round 1

Today here at Belmayne ETSS, the Breaktime Chess Tournament commenced! With 14
players, 10 minutes on the timer and 7 games to play, it was about to begin.

The first win of the tournament went to Victor who managed to checkmate his opponent
within 1 minute, using strong offensive tactics to take the crown.

Meanwhile, over the other side of the room there were rook-ie mistakes being made, as
people were having trouble actually starting the matches on their iPads. In this time of crisis
opponents had no choice but to join forces with one another and sort out this tech-tastrophe!

Simultaneously, another match had just begun between Conor W. and Páidí. Conor began
the game using the Amar opening, which can also be called the Paris opening, involving
moving your right Knight to H3.

Sadly though, no winner was announced as the bell went.

That’s all for now on the Belmayne Breaktime Chess Tournament for today, but be sure to
check back in next week, when the tournament will really get under way.
Remember, life is like a game of chess. You cannot undo the moves, but you can make the
next step better!

  • Finn
    Special mention to Páidí, Miguel and Jack W. for authenticating my terminology 🙂