Fire Fighters visit

The 1st year students had an amazing visit from the Kilbarrack fire station. The fire fighters arrive in their fire truck with the sirens blaring!

We couldn’t believe our eyes when it pulled up into our yard, and the fireman went all kitted our in their uniforms and they even got Ashling, our principal, to dress up in all the equipment!! She had to put on the overalls, boots and even air mask too! she said it felt like walking on the moon when she walked their uniform!

We received a talk from the fireman about what the do and who they reduce, when they going a building on fire they must work in teams and always keep the left hand side on the wall as they walk and use their other hand and foot to feel around for stairs and wholes in the floor! I learnt so much about their job and what it entails to be a firefighter.

The fireman also let us look at the equipment they use for a road accident to cut open a car roof and I can tell you it is very heavy and very powerful!

Thank you so much to the firefighters from Kilbarrack fire station!