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Ploughing Championships

In September the transition years went to the national ploughing championships. They watched different national ploughing teams race to see who could ploughs the best field, they then entered the main area where they passed Leo veradkar. There were lots of stalls selling a range of items including tractors, farming equipment, food, drinks and more. There was also a fun fare with loads of games and rides.

Winter Concert by Elliot

Coming up to the winter break some students held a concert for the Peter McVerry trust, the group was made up of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th years. The event was organised by Sinéad and Andrew. They played classics such as driving home for Christmas, this Christmas and don’t they know it’s Christmas.

They raised 335 euro for the Peter McVerry trust. “It was a great success and the parents really enjoyed it.” Jack Winkles, 4th year student.

Fire Fighters visit

The 1st year students had an amazing visit from the Kilbarrack fire station. The fire fighters arrive in their fire truck with the sirens blaring!

We couldn’t believe our eyes when it pulled up into our yard, and the fireman went all kitted our in their uniforms and they even got Ashling, our principal, to dress up in all the equipment!! She had to put on the overalls, boots and even air mask too! she said it felt like walking on the moon when she walked their uniform!

We received a talk from the fireman about what the do and who they reduce, when they going a building on fire they must work in teams and always keep the left hand side on the wall as they walk and use their other hand and foot to feel around for stairs and wholes in the floor! I learnt so much about their job and what it entails to be a firefighter.

The fireman also let us look at the equipment they use for a road accident to cut open a car roof and I can tell you it is very heavy and very powerful!

Thank you so much to the firefighters from Kilbarrack fire station!

ICE SKATING by Rudra Jith

On 13th January 2023, our Transition Year students had a fabulous trip to the ice rink in Swords On Ice. They were accompanied byDermot, Lorna and Cillian. It was a great experience for everyone.

A lot the students have amazing ice skating skills and were able to stand but steady on their feet, however I did notice that there were one or two people who were a bit wobbly and need the assistance of a trusty penguin 😀

TY Winter Market Fair by Rudra Jith

On Friday, December 16th, Belmayne ETSS Transition Year students hosted a Winter Fair in school from 1.30 – 3 pm. We invited all parents, guardians, and grandparents to attend and shop from all of the companies that our 4th Year students have set up.

Our event showcased all of the hard work and commitment that the students have put into the Enterprise module this year. Each group had their own shop space so they could showcase their products. And we are really glad to say that our event was a huge success.

Everyone who attended our fair was really happy and proud to see our Transition Year student’s hard work. Well done to our fabulous TYs today who organised a winter fair as part of their Enterprise class. Thanks to all the staff who helped make this happen today……

Dragon’s Den Pitch by Rudra Jith

On 12th December 2022, Belmayne ETSS TY students attended a ‘ Dragon’s Den Pitch ‘. Each enterprise mini company made a business pitch to Ciaran and a representative judge from the Fingal Enterprise Awards Competition that we have entered into. Each group was called to the classroom and they got their chance to present their business pitch. Each pitch lasted approximately 5-7 minutes including Q&A from the ‘Dragons’. Each group consisted approximately of 3-4 members. Our TY group did a fantastic job in representing their pitch. Each pitch was assessed and used as an indicator in deciding who advances to the next stage in the competition.

Hilton Hotel visit by Rudra Jith

On 5th December 2022, our TY group attended a careers fair set up and organised by the Hilton Hotel, Northern Cross. 

We were able to ask questions to the representatives of each department and we learned about all of the different departments from Sales, Marketing, Reception, HR to the Kitchen with the Hilton Hotel. 

We got an opportunity to test out our skills, the TY group was divided into two groups and had different types of competitions, like bed making and bartending, and the winners were given prizes. It was an amazing experience for our TY group. We got to learn more about hotel management. 

Maths Week by Timur Ciparsons

On the 7/10/22 Maths Week started with a blast In Belmayne ETSS! 

The students were given maths problems at the start of the day to solve with their classmates this was an enjoyable and fun way to get everyone to use their maths brains and work together to figure out the answers!

There was also an amazing baking competition.

Everyone tried their very best to show the judges that they were worthy for first place

All the desserts looked amazing and tasted good too.

And a special  shout out to the winners of the competition, there was 5 overall winners are the judges just couldn’t choose one!

Sarah Clarke Byrne

Olivia Stewart

Jorja Matthews

Tadgh Butler

Azim Floro Ali

‘Trick or Treat’ for CHI Hospitals by Caitlin White

On the last day before our October midterm break we supported ‘Trick or Treat’ for Children’s Health Ireland.

It was an amazing end to our 1st term as staff & students dressed up in their best Halloween outfits and donated €2 to the charity.

During the assembly each tutor group got up and walked down the catwalk to Halloween Music but the teachers stole the show as they strutted their stuff down the catwalk.

There were prizes for best costume and best performance on the catwalk.

There was many amazing costumes and it was very fun to see them while you walked to classes.

By Caitlin White