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Model United Nations 2022 takes place

Last week Belmayne ETSS took part in the Model U.N organised by Wicklow ETSS. First year
students took part in it to represent Germany, Brazil and Palestine and 6 committees and
debated topics from cyber warfare, space security, nuclear power and climate change,
learning a lot with others’ perspectives.

3 training sessions were held, and after a lot of research and hard work the final meeting
happened and the students splendidly and respectfully shared their thoughts and ideas as
delegates from different countries.

Think b4 u click

This CSPE class, on Monday 7/2/22, to mark World Safer internet Day 2022, students learned about the dangers of the Internet and how to stay safe online. This is a very important topic, it is necessary to educate young people on how to safely access sites for school work and spare time.

They students also learned a bit about their own internet habits and their digital wellbeing every day during our tutor time activities.  РMorgana